Photo of Lauren Abeyta

Lauren Abeyta

Founder & CEO of Ascension Legal Consulting

Lauren Abeyta, Founder & CEO of Ascension Legal Consulting, strategically partners with Chen Malin LLP to manage ediscovery within their litigation matters.

Lauren works alongside the litigation team to execute on their ediscovery strategy, maximizing efficiency every step of the way. She leverages her 13 years in the ediscovery industry to select the most appropriate vendors for each particular matter, negotiate pricing, establish the project timeline, and interface daily with all parties involved throughout the entire ediscovery phase. David Poole, General Counsel of Range Resources Corporation, recently stated, " I keep reading that General Counsels need to hire someone in-house to manage the cumbersome ediscovery process. I disagree, they need to hire Ascension." Lauren's expertise and dynamic approach enable the litigation team to focus on case strategy while demonstrating exceptional cost savings to their client. Her ability to own the ediscovery process enables her to navigate ediscovery with no surprises, providing clients with a simple and streamlined plan of attack, holding vendors accountable and driving projects forward. A boutique practice group has said, "With Lauren running point on our last ediscovery project, we finished ahead of our deadline and 30% under budget. Her ability to manage the ediscovery process while driving the efficiency and cost savings is a huge benefit to our success within the discovery phase."

Prior to founding Ascension, Lauren was on the executive management team for one of the nation's largest ediscovery staffing providers. Lauren also has significant experience in information governance, software, IT infrastructure, translation services, legal staffing and trial preparation. In addition, Lauren has assisted clients with the evaluation and adoption of new technologies and workflows in order to increase defensibly, mitigate risk, and reduce their overall ediscovery spend.